Transactions of the Association for Computational Linguistics

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Transactions of the Association for Computational Linguistics (TACL) is an ACL-sponsored journal published by MIT Press that publishes papers in all areas of computational linguistics and natural language processing. TACL has the following features:

  • TACL publishes conference-length papers, but has a journal-style reviewing process (for example, the option for an action editor to recommend the “revise and resubmit” category for a paper).
  • Papers appearing at TACL are eligible for a presentation at certain ACL-sponsored conferences. Thus the model combines the benefits of a journal, with the benefits of being able to present the work at a major conference. (Presentation is optional; authors do not have to present their papers at the conference).
  • TACL accepts submissions all year (the 1st day of each month is a submission deadline).
  • TACL is committed to fast-turnaround reviewing.
Links: Information for authors, including submission instructionsreview processannual reports (includes journal statistics presented to the ACL); publication ethics statement.



2020Q1 report


The latest TACL report to the ACL is available here. It includes an update on indexing, personnel updates, and some time-to-decision and accept/reject statistics broken down by year.

Posted: 2020-02-24

AACL added to list of *ACL/EMNLP conferences interacting with TACL


TACL submission guideslines have been updated to indicate that AACL has been added to the list of conferences  (previously consisting of ACL/EACL/NAACL/EMNLP) for which:

  • presentation (oral or poster) of TACL papers can be an option
  • rejected/reviewed submissions may not be resubmitted to TACL for a given time period.
Posted: 2019-12-04

TACL host switch and upgrade; change in email conventions


TACL has completed its switch to a new, professionally-supported host for its submission system and upgraded to OJS version 2.4.8.  Submission, review, and decision processing should all be back to normal.

One visible change, which should improve delivery and receipt of system emails: emails sent from the system will no longer be "spoofed" to appear to come from the user, but will have the "from" address set to ""; however, the "reply-to" field will be set to the email address of the user generating the email, so mailers that respect the reply-to field will send replies to the correct person. For example, system emails that used to appear to be from "" or "" will now appear to be from "", but replies to said system emails should still go to the valid email addresses "" or "" as appropriate. 


Posted: 2019-11-20

TACL acceptance/final-version deadline for ACL 2020


To be eligible for presentation (oral or poster) at ACL 2020, TACL papers must satisfy both of the following conditions: first, be accepted with a decision type (a) by March 9, 2020; and second, have their final version both submitted to TACL and approved by the Action Editor by April 17, 2020. (To allow ample time for the technical approval by the Action Editor, we suggest submitting the final version by 10 business days prior, that is, April 3, 2020.)

See the section on Presentation of Accepted TACL Papers at Conferences in the author guidelines for more details.

Posted: 2019-10-10

2019Q3 report

The latest TACL report to the ACL is available here.  It includes an update on indexing: TACL applications have now been filed with Web of Science, Scopus, and the Directory of Open Access Journals.  
Posted: 2019-07-22

New TACL co-Editor-in-Chief


Ani Nenkova has been selected to be a co-Editor-in-Chief (co-EiC) of TACL, alongside continuing co-EiCs Mark Johnson and Brian Roark. Congratulations to Ani!

Lillian Lee has been at the helm of TACL since nearly its inception and will continue as co-EiC until the end of the calendar year, but we can still express an early "thanks very much" to her for all she has done for TACL!

Posted: 2019-07-02
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