Transactions of the Association for Computational Linguistics

Transactions of the Association for Computational Linguistics (TACL) is an ACL-sponsored journal that publishes papers in all areas of computational linguistics and natural language processing. TACL has the following features:
  • TACL publishes conference-length papers, but has a journal-style reviewing process (for example, the option for an action editor to recommend the “revise and resubmit” category for a paper).
  • Papers appearing at TACL are eligible for a presentation at certain ACL-sponsored conferences. Thus the model combines the benefits of a journal, with the benefits of being able to present the work at a major conference. (Presentation is optional; authors do not have to present their papers at the conference).
  • TACL accepts submissions all year around (the 1st day of each month is a submission deadline).
  • TACL is committed to fast turnaround reviewing.
Links: Information for authors, including submission instructionsreview process; annual reports (includes journal statistics presented to the ACL)



New formatting requirements effective immediately


The new submission formatting requirements are described in  the Formatting Instructions for TACL Submissions document dated August 3, 2018; template files are available on the submissions-instructions page .

Camera-readies will use the same files, but have customized instructions: see the Formatting Instructions for TACL Camera-readies document, dated August 3, 2018. 

The new files mostly adapt the ACL 2018 files, which means they impose A4 paper size, provide line numbers for submissions for ease of reviewer reference to specific document locations, and are compatible with natbib. We have discontinued supplying Word templates, and authors will need to supply LaTeX source to MIT Press for publications.

Highlights of the newly revised instructions:

  • The first section lists the most common mistakes that lead to desk rejection (submission) and publication delays as non-compliant papers are returned to the authors for correction (camera-readies).
  • Explanations and examples for correctly parenthesizing citations are supplied.
  • The new reference formatting requirements make the scholarly record more easily trackable, e.g., by requiring version numbers for arXiv preprints.
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Auto-signup for new accounts temporarily disabled


Due to a large number of spam registrations, the ability for users to create a TACL account is now disabled.  Please contact if you would like to register as an author; include the following information:

First name

Last name

Desired username (The username must contain only lowercase letters, numbers, and hyphens/underscores.)

Desired email address for emails from TACL to be sent to 

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TACL transitions publication to MIT Press

TACL is pleased to announce that we are transitioning the publication process of accepted papers to be handled by MIT Press; website here:  
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2018Q3 report

The TACL report to the ACL for 2018Q3 is available here.  It includes some time-to-decision and accept/reject statsistics, and an update on the transition to MIT Press.  
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