DP-Parse: Finding Word Boundaries from Raw Speech with an Instance Lexicon

Robin Algayres, Tristan Ricoul, Julien Karadayi, Hugo Laurençon, Salah Zaiem, Abdelrahman Mohamed, Benoît Sagot, Emmanuel Dupoux


Finding word boundaries in continuous speech is challenging as there is little or no equivalent of a space delimiter between words.

Popular Bayesian non-parametric models for text segmentation use a Dirichlet process to jointly segment sentences and build a lexicon of word types. We introduce DP-Parse, which uses similar principles but only relies on an instance lexicon of word tokens, avoiding the clustering errors that arise with a lexicon of word types.

On the Zero Resource Speech Benchmark 2017, our model sets a new speech segmentation state-of-the-art in 5 languages.

The algorithm monotonically improves with better input representations, achieving yet higher scores when fed with weakly supervised inputs. Despite lacking a type lexicon, DP-Parse can be pipelined to a language model and learn semantic and syntactic representations as assessed by a new spoken word embedding benchmark.


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