Change/clarification to policy on conference resubmissions

TACL policy on conference resubmissions has been: Papers that have been reviewed by ACL/EACL/NAACL/EMNLP aren't eligible for submission to TACL for the 9 months starting at the conference's submission deadline.  The intent was to reduce community reviewing load.

While the complete policy had included an exception clause regarding substantial revisions that correspond to essentially new papers, due to significant confusion regarding this clause, to clarify, TACL is removing the exception clause language altogether.

Further detail on the rationale is as follows.

Perhaps the most salient counterargument is that conference revisions that make substantial changes that address all the conference reviewers’ concerns should be eligible for TACL consideration on an earlier time-frame.  Several reactions to this counter-argument are:

  1. Conference reviewers are under no obligation to list all their concerns with a paper or even all their major concerns, especially given the time constraints they labor under.  We do not want the eligibility for TACL consideration to be too dependent on how detailed the conference reviewers were able to be. 
  2. “Substantial” changes are more easily made to conference submissions that were in poorer shape than those that were in higher-quality shape to begin with.