: New formatting requirements effective immediately

The new submission formatting requirements are described in  the Formatting Instructions for TACL Submissions document dated August 3, 2018; template files are available on the submissions-instructions page .

Camera-readies will use the same files, but have customized instructions: see the Formatting Instructions for TACL Camera-readies document, dated August 3, 2018. 

The new files mostly adapt the ACL 2018 files, which means they impose A4 paper size, provide line numbers for submissions for ease of reviewer reference to specific document locations, and are compatible with natbib. We have discontinued supplying Word templates, and authors will need to supply LaTeX source to MIT Press for publications.

Highlights of the newly revised instructions:

  • The first section lists the most common mistakes that lead to desk rejection (submission) and publication delays as non-compliant papers are returned to the authors for correction (camera-readies).
  • Explanations and examples for correctly parenthesizing citations are supplied.
  • The new reference formatting requirements make the scholarly record more easily trackable, e.g., by requiring version numbers for arXiv preprints.